A scented morning to you all.

“Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. It’s not a matter of being better at what you do, it’s a matter of being DIFFERENT at what you do”

– Michael Porter

Like I said yesterday, a lot of us will thrive better and be happy in our current circumstance no matter how unpleasant it seems only if we are STRATEGIC. If we are asked to make a wish now, we all will definitely have one thing that we want/wish for; but let’s take a good look at it, is that wish or want STRATEGIC? Being strategic is knowing in advance what works for a particular action that we are about to embark upon.

Being STRATEGIC is not just ‘due diligence’, it is being AUTHENTIC.

For example, most of us have businesses and we write proposals to clients. Our way is that we have a ‘format’ for that proposal such that we just change client’s name and address on the same document. But do you know that this is pretty wrong? Every proposal must take into cognisance the ideals and peculiarities of each client. The proposal that you have sent to a School is the same one that you want to send to a Pharmaceutical firm….hell no! It won’t work. You have to design each tone to fit into the vision, interests, ideals and appeals of each client so that they feel important and you will be talking directly to their hearts – that is being STRATEGIC!

This applies to every phase of our lives. You are applying for a job, your CV must be tailored to the position that you are applying for…or else you won’t ‘hit the notes’. You are expected to check the job description and bring out the skills that fit into it to adorn your resume for that job application. That is being STRATEGIC!

You can not bring Maryam’s marital style into your own home and expect your husband to behave like her husband. Your husband is a different person, treat the marriage as it deserves and according to its peculiarities. That is being STRATEGIC!

Almond tea works for Dupe’s protruding tummy, and you go and order for it and then you become sick after taking it; that is because you were not STRATEGIC about your body system to know what works for you.

Because Salmah is a single mom and she’s very independent and looks happy all the time and travels a lot and takes her own decision without anyone questioning her move; infact she is FORTIFIED by it, and ofcourse the whole world is talking feminism, you want to leave your broke husband, walahi,#OYO# is your case. Be STRATEGIC!

By this, you should know already that STRATEGIC thinking isn’t spontaneous. It is carefully and realistically thought out. And I say this to you this morning, if you are a STRATEGIC person, you can not be disappointed. You know why? You must have done a SWOT Analysis of your circumstance in advance, hence, Every situation will give you strength and more strength…and then you can THRIVE and WIN….Over and over and over again.


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