My gifts to you

I am a published author of two books launched in July 2019. FORTIFIED is my autobiography and ISLAM IS BEAUTIFUL, a book representation of my television programme with same title into book form.


I believe we all have a story in our minds…which can be your own journey, a fiction, or even someone’s story that we can relate with, the problem is usually how to go about putting it together to make sense and add value; this is where I come in to help with making your dream happen. My books were borne out of the need to ADD VALUE to humanity and also leave my own footprints on the sands of time. I write to achieve the PURPOSE for which I was created – To impart and impact lives positively through TEACHING. Even as a television presenter, I teach. My programmes are usually, Education focused. Same thing goes with the books that I published, you can not read them and not learn at least one lesson.

My books are my value systems represented in words. Only I, walked and is walking my journey so who else can relate my story better than me?

I also have PowerPoint Presentation slides on some areas that can be helpful to you.

Now here’s my gift to you. You can download the digital copies of these books for free. Yes! Free. Just follow the simple steps below and please remember to drop a review when you have read them.

I encourage YOU to share your story or idea too, there is someone who is waiting to learn from your story. You don’t know how to go about it? Talk to me. I will be willing to help you from conception stage to becoming a published author.

Download files here