“Never look down on people who look up to you. Being always right is not always right in wrong places”

It is a sin in the sight of man and God if you think someone does deserve what they have or cannot have something.

As confident as I know that I am, i have come across people in my 4 decades journey on earth’s sojourn who have tried to take something away from me….my confidence…by looking down on not necessarily my person but my thoughts and ideas… I just laugh and walk away….me that kuku know that ‘whatever is meant for me will never miss me and whatever misses me was never meant for me’.

Something very beautiful happened to me yesterday, someone sent me a message on my private number asking how I was doing and trying to confirm if it was me she saw on someone’s LinkedIn photo about launching a book. And I said to her, “oh yes! It was my book launch event; two books actually, (i added more info)”. She said, ‘really?’ I said “Yes”. Till this point of the conversation I didn’t know who it was even though her photo was on her dp….I just couldn’t place the face. Then she said “I hope you know who you are chatting with?” And I said ‘No’. She felt bad and I apologised. Then she wrote her name! I was shocked! You mean this “quintessential woman” can contact me??? Me, Adetutu….I sarcastically greeted her well and left the chat room letting her realise her loss in a respectful way as she’s a bit older.

Now here’s the gist, this person is a diction guru. I invited her to an annual event that I organise for schools about 3 years ago, (WRITE, SPEAK N SPELL COMPETITION)…she not only declined my invite, she made me feel too small for the project. I did not only excel at it, i surprised her and she felt that she missed out because I had an important personality whom she had been longing to meet attend that event that year. Now, the book launch event which she did not even get an invite to attend (I actually did not even remember her when I was distributing the invitation cards).

Let us hold on to something here, do not let a person’s opinion of your person, idea or thought stop you from pushing hard towards succeeding. People are entitled to their opinions. That’s why I clamour for us to do a SWOT ANALYSIS of ourselves, that way…no one can take anything away from you.

Have enough confidence to hold your head high and enough humility not to look down on others. Make a right estimate of yourself so you don’t cry foul later. When people seek your opinion, think of yourself less.

Life is life. Life is beautiful. Life is tough sometimes though. So let’s try not looking down at someone unless we want to help them get up.

See how humble I ‘look’ in this photo? Be like that! #laughs#


Salmah Adetutu Lawal


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