FIND OUT MORE I want to always ADD VALUE. I do not want to leave people the way I meet them. My mission is to create a positive transformational mindset

This is a personal website that is set up to give you a peep into my life and purpose, and to share my thoughts and ideas about life with you. And to, in my own way, guide you through AUTHENTICITY and CLARITY. I hope you find it value adding.

People think, say or do things, but the one constant thing is the WHY behind our thoughts, opinions and actions. This go a long way in determining the depth and span of whatever we do. When the Almighty was creating us, there was a reason He made us. A lot of people come into the world and die without achieving the PURPOSE for which they were created and end up dying unfulfilled.  To live a truly fulfilling life, you need to be authentic and have clarity for your purpose.

There is that one thing that you have that no other person can do better than you, you just need to discover it. A lot of people die without realising the purpose for which they were created. You do not want to be one of those people I believe. To not be one, stop and think! Why are you here? What are you made for? What is your unique selling point? What is your exclusivity? What makes you exquisite? If you do not know your “Why”, you definitely won’t know the “How”.

Here on my website, you will read blogs, ideas, and habits on how to discover these.

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"You cannot feature in a future whose picture, you have not captured."

Here is my gift to you

I am a published author of two books launched in July 2019. FORTIFIED is my autobiography and ISLAM IS BEAUTIFUL, a book representation of my television programme with same title into book form.

You can download the digital copies of these books for free. Yes! Free. Just follow the simple steps below and please remember to drop a review when you have read them.

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