What is your Sin?

What is YOUR SIN?

A lot of us go about thinking that those things that have been stated in our Holy books that we should refrain from are the only actions called SIN. Hell no! The worse sins that we commit are peculiar to us; our nature, our make up, our abilities, our challenges, our wealth, our gifts, our dispositions all make up to form our own sin!

This is different from good or bad; what is good in Nigeria, May be bad in Russia.

Whatever weakens your reason, impairs the tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, or removes your relish for spiritual things – that is SIN to YOU!

From that explanation, you can deduce something, that we have different outlook towards life hence, one phenomenon will appear as sin to some and as good deed to some – This is determined by our level of spirituality, knowledge, deepness and where we find ourselves on the surface of the earth. Think about that thing that is SIN where you are now, but you know or have heard that it is no sin else where…

However, you can use this approach to determine yours, personalise this:

SIN – It is first appealing, then appalling;
First alluring, then alienating;
First deceiving, then damning;
It promises life and produces death;
It is the most disappointing thing in the

Now, look at these features of SIN as highlighted and check today, what your OWN SIN is! It is a sin for example to be unproductive, to love someone who does not love you back, to do what you are not CUT OUT for, to not know what works for you, to not be true to yourself and so on! Stop it! Make you Do the right thing today whether it seems wrong to the next person or not, JUST DO IT!

Funny enough, this is the basis of the Sins in the Holy books! Think about about it.

I can not help sharing whatever I have, that is my own SIN, because sometimes I give out the only thing that I have; that is not being nice, it is my OWN SIN…only the GOD FACTOR and maybe determination to be ‘uncaring’ a bit can change it.

So write your own in your diary and work at it today!

Salmah Adetutu Lawal.

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