Compel others


“Good job”. “That was excellent”. ‘Way to go’. Have we ever recieved an acknowledgement that made us feel important?

It’s a human need to feel important. If we want to bring out the best in others, let’s acknowledge them for all the right things they do. A behaviour once acknowledged can evoke a sense of importance; such sensation can compel others to go the extra mile.

It’s our tendency to catch others doing something wrong, yet that rarely brings the best in them. To compel others to go extra mile catch them doing something right and show appreciation for it.

“Every one wants to feel appreciated, so if you appreciate someone or something, don’t keep it a secret ”
– Mary Kay

So, tell me….what manner do you like to be appreciated? What manner do you appreciate others?

For me….Just say to me “You are appreciated” and I will do more. Then I say a lot to people, “You’re doing a good job!” Of they really are.

Appreciate someone today…

Salmah Adetutu Lawal

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