How many times do you get this in your inbox/dm weekly? And I don’t mean females alone, even males do get them now I hear. Now let’s clarify something here, I do not mind that question if it is “value adding”. But the issue here is that I have a whole book that i have written and published, my autobiography! For you to know everything you need to know! My childhood, my education, my failures, my triumphs, everything! – FORTIFIED is its title! And guess what? You can download it for free till the end of 2020! I said that before!

Please do not come into my inbox to say “I want to know you better”. I want you to come say, “Please can I know what it costs for you to train me on Communication skills or other courses? Can you help with developing my book? Can you train my staff? My child wants to register for YORUBANIYI. I’ld want to know more about your Mathematics platform – MATHMAZÈN. And so on….Please….So, on the page below, you can download my books for free.https://www.salmahadetutulawal.com/from-me2u/

Don’t come asking to “know me better” again. Thank you. “A guest is like rain; when he lingers on, he becomes a nuisance”


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