….I love to read, admire and collect different kinds of specialized good books.Doing this has helped me a lot in my journey through life. I cannot be caught unawares, drop a gist…and I’ll contribute to it no matter how little. This passion gave me a peep into a little about everything. Do you know that there is something that every one of us likes to collect? I have a friend that has a collection of both cheap and expensive perfumes….mention the designer and he’s got it. I know someone who collects different kinds of shoes…I have heard of someone who collects different shapes, sizes and colours of men’s ties….and so on.


What do you collect? Have you discovered it? What do you invest in so much, you don’t mind getting more and more and more of? This habit, can help your life’s PURPOSE. Yes! Come closer and I’ll tell you more. So, I have a game plan today….if you look at a few of my books that i have attached to this post (Zoom in on them if you have to?) and you can name THREE different ones that you have read out of it; tell us the basic message there in for each (It has to be the message known to every reader as intended by the author, and me because I have read them), a gift awaits you in the last slide. This gift will come with additional little gifts that you can give to your loved ones. I promise! Wanna try? Let’s go! This will expire in 24 hours!


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