Hellooooooooo everyone!

Its Monday morning! Everyone is all around and about their various concerns, even children and the elderly are not left out! Well, I want us to know that yes, our efforts matter but results matter more!

How do we get results if we do not make effort you’d ask? Yes, you cannot get results without making effort, but do you know that you can make efforts without getting results? Yes….it happens. One very very effective way to get good results without much effort is to DO THINGS RIGHT.

A lot of people do right things…they wake up, pray hurriedly, dress up, step out of the house, get on a bus or drive their cars, get to work, sit down at their desk and start doing the work! Which work? Some have planned their agenda for the week; some have set objectives to be achieved this week; but do you know that “We can plan what we want to do but it is the Almighty who will guide our steps”.

Okay, enough of the preambles, take a deep breath and ask yourself where you are coming from? Where you are and where you are going. … Take a sheet of paper, write them down and do some calculation of what to do from this point….Yes! This point. All of these that you have written down is effort….The actualization depends on what the Almighty has in stock for you. How is your relationship with Him? Do you connect with Him so you know which of those things that you have written down are in line with what He has for you?

Our efforts can only yield good and favorable results if we walk with our creator – God Almighty. You cannot walk through the journey of life alone without being in a relationship with God…a very good one at that!

That is only when your running here and there, fixing all fixables, attending all meetings, making phone calls and writing plenty briefs can make sense because He will guide you on what to do, say, hear and even where to go!

Dear one, it is monday morning, check your relationship with your Creator; don’t forget that “A LEAF NEVER FALLS OFF ITS TREE WITHOUT HIS CONSENT” So is your dream, desire, pursuit, concern….Think about it!

Build a relationship with God, not the one that people see you do, but the kind of one that you can feel in your heart, body and soul.

I believe in God and I know He will not forsake me this week or ever…Do you?

Have a FORTIFIED week!

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