As I woke up today, Michael’s song “Heal the world” came to mind. Why? The current world pandemic and its ripple effects make me wallow in deep thoughts about that line – HEAL THE WORLD.

I have read different jokes, opinions, narratives, thoughts, ideas and views about the situation and I have decided to summarise on here this morning in just three words – HEAL THE WORLD

I ask you blogger, who would use your pen to write stuffs that can put ideas in the minds of your readers – HEAL THE WORLD

I ask you comedian, you want to ease tension, please do think of those who do not have the depth that you intend for your message to pass, – HEAL THE WORLD

I ask you religious leader, you know that you are an influencer, a lot of people will believe what you say to them because you are like their semi-god – HEAL THE WORLD

I ask you health professionals, who are at the forefront to take physical health care; your disposition towards doing the job matters; you will be surprised how much harm or good your smile or frown can do to your helpless patient, please – HEAL THE WORLD

I ask YOU, yes You…who is social media enlightened and own a gadget that you can use to send information to people, check that information before sharing, ask yourself “What value is this going to add?” before sharing it. Please – HEAL THE WORLD

Join me to ask Almighty God, who created the heaven and the earth, the Sustainer, The Holy, The compeller, The Great one, The All-hearing, The All-seeing, The All-knowing, The most powerful one, The Lord of the worlds, Owner of the day of Judgement, to have mercy and HEAL THE WORLD.


Heal the world….

Heal the world…

Make it a better better place for you and for me and the entire human race…


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