They say that experience is the best teacher. A lot of us do not understand its deeper meaning. It is that, when something happens to you, you not only learn from it, you TEACH others what you have learnt so they will be aware. In this world of social media, where people are free to air their opinions, be wary what you condemn and judge as only he who has experienced it knows how it truly feels.

In January 2007, I lost my very first pregnancy at 40 weeks. Fully formed baby, to an ailment doctors called PRE-ECLAMPSIA (High blood pressure in pregnancy). Infact, they told me that I was lucky to have been able to birth the child as it could have been through CS, ….and that it could even have been worse…. meaning I could have died too. I was distraught but I survived it. All thanks to God.In 2009, I lost my friend Tokunbo Owolabi who was my roommate in LASU 100L (1997). She died with a fully formed baby of 38 weeks in her womb barely a year after she got married. Doctors said that the cause of her death was PRE-ECLAMPSIA or ECLAMPSIA.

Her hubby, Ukpoma Marshall Igbinosa wrote the book “283 days after I do” to tell the story and most importantly ENLIGHTEN husbands and everyone generally about the ailment PRE-ECLAMPSIA. When I read the book, I realised that you actually cannot blame the doctors when some things happen to you, why? The author in this book said: “The best most doctors would say if a loved one dies under their watch is, “We lost her or him” I learnt to chew my bitter pills finding out that if the pains and blames would not impact on a person, such a person should never receive your complete trust or dependence!” It simply means that you should seek knowledge about everything that has to do with you and your health. I want to please recommend this book to all my friends here as I know we all have pregnant people around us and we won’t want to be caught up with a situation and not know what to do. The author has played his own part by sharing the story of his late wife and daughter. It is our duty to tap from his experience and get informed about that ailment so that we know it when we see it!

It comes just in soft copy for easy access and it is very affordable ( Costs just #1,990). Click this link to get your copy of “283 DAYS AFTER I DO” now…a moving love story that will change your life. Please click this link to order yours..https://bit.ly/3jDXb4ITo talk to someone in case you have issues downloading it, please call or send a message to – 0808 222 8852″BE AN EMPOWERED PATIENT!”



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