Your Life Is As Good As Your Mindset!

Hello Monday!

You want a good life? Develop a great mindset! Yes!

Your mindset is how you see the world around you, this will decide whether you will leap the extra mile or back peddle to call it quits, and whimper about it for life. It impacts how you make sense of the world, and how you make sense of you.

Your mindset is rooted in your experiences, education, and culture from which you form thoughts which establish beliefs and attitudes…these in turn give you either a bad, good or great life!

An educated looking lady walked up to me a few years ago asking for a financial favour; she messed up when she ended her tale with, “I am a single mother”. I asked how many kids she was dealing with, she said one! I told her that i have three that i deal with alone too! I felt her shock! The look on her face read “You don’t look like a single parent”! Problem is, how should they look???? Single parenthood isn’t a disability, it is a state.

I am a goal getter, a go getter and a never give up-er!

It is in my DNA to to live a good life irrespective! I have a growth and quality mindset, hence, that’s what it is! No limitations! All problems are illusions of the mind.

I accept disappointments as a part of my growth process hence, i never let them mar my journey. I play my part to the best of my ability and leave the rest to the best of planners – God. I concentrate on what i want and leave how it happens to God!

All the things that truly matter beauty, love, creativity, joy and inner peace arise from beyond the mind.

The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well as the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be minds.

By understanding, adapting and shifting your mindset, you can improve the quality of your life, health, decrease your stress and become more resilient to life’s challenges.

It all begins with the mind…

Break a leg!

Salmah Adetutu Lawal

Certified Mindset coach

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