“Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference; it’s never about the role – always about the goal.”

There is something you have that no other person in the world has…find it out of you! It’s in there, take a look at yourself inwards and outwards, you are truly amazing! What is it that makes you AMAZING? #SWOT ANALYSIS#

I once employed a talented young man as business development officer in my consulting firm a few years ago; a boy that graduated just about a year from when I employed him and after sometime….he told me that his pastor told him that he was born to be a leader and not a follower! I laughed and let him go and barely 2 weeks later, he called me to ask for a financial support of #40k. Of course I wanted to ask him to go ask his pastor, but I told you my weakness earlier, i still gave him half of it I think! Check that mindset in a few years…it will still be “groping”.

Now listen, be true to yourself, no airs, no ostentation…what is the amazing part of you? Your charm? Your diction? Your eloquence? Your style of dressing? Your time consciousness? Name it! You can make a difference by it! A huge one! Build it up, polish it, be crazy about it, smoothen it out and EXUDE it!

You will be surprised that you will start teaching it! And voila! You are making a difference!

It is Monday morning….Take a pen and paper and write it down, I AM AMAZING! Then sincerely write beside it what makes you AMAZING and EXUDE it. Even you will be amazed at how AMAZING your week will turn out!

Do not end the week without sincerely making a difference! Break a leg!




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