I listen to people tell me that they have limitations stopping them from moving from point A to point B in their Personal growth, Business life, Spiritual growth and Educational Advancement. These limitations according to what they tell me range from Finance, Spouses consent (Husbands especially), Busy schedules (with zero productivity), Fear of the unknown, and “Trying” to be careful….Although most times, what they do not mention that I see through them is lack of knowledge. If you know, nothing can stop you!

I put up a post for people to choose three out of five areas of competence that I intend to design courses for, this year and simple instruction was not obeyed by about half of the over 60 responses that I got. Some people chose all five and one person even added a sixth one by himself. Agreed that you want to know all, but the instruction says pick three maximum! That is the way our instincts also give us instructions, but do we listen?

A lot of times, we have all that it takes to move and all we need is just a nudge (not even a push) but how many of us see it as important to have an accountability partner who can always nudge us to do things right from time to time? How many of us can recognize an opportunity when we see one? We now think that we can not do it when in actual fact we are over qualified for the move. I take risks a lot and i am always more than ready to take responsibility for whatever risk that I take because i most importantly listen to my GPS (The God factor and your intuition) and i derive VALUE doing so everytime.

Now, here’s the gist! To become VALUABLE, there are some very fundamental factors that you must turn from stumbling blocks to stepping stones…You should EXUDE some qualities that speak for you when you aren’t there and when you are there, the air should reek of your worth….

To become valuable, you need to put in time and money. I remember in 2017, I knew that I had to organise an event that will bring schools together if I must become valuable in a particular area of my business. I coined the WRITE, SPEAK N SPELL competition and wrote a plan on how to organise the event. I didnt have money, I didnt want that to limit me so having known what it would cost, I deciphered a way to raise the money (School charges, Angel funds, Sponsorships etc..) and I had the maiden event which was successful. My ROI (Return On Investment) that year wasn’t money in my account but VALUE. It entered my record that I have organised an event like that before.

The tips that I will be sharing at my free webinar coming up in February 2020 by His GRACE (Registration will start first week in February) will not only add VALUE to you, it will nudge you from point A to point B of your life. This is one way to start the journey of getting ahead. Learn to make beautiful speeches, write captivating proposals, make impeccably productive phone calls and ultimately strike deals subtly without using a digger.

Now, the CALL TO ACTION here is that you start psyching yourself up for the 90 minutes session. My purpose in life is to ADD VALUE by creating a positive transformational mindset using my areas of competence – Broadcasting and Education as vehicle….I never want to leave people the way I met them; I like them to take a part of me away with them….i like to talk, not just talk but talk sense. I expect you to write yours too and share here. Also, do a SWOT analysis of yourself and keep so that during the webinar, you can judge by yourself which of the factors and qualities you can key into. You need to know what you’ve got and what you can give.

Let’s make our dreams come true…


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