Stop searching for your passion.

A lot of times, i hear people make statements like, “Find your passion”, Follow your passion” et al…

Passion is not a job, a sport or a hobby…It is the full force of your energy and attention that you give to whatever is right in front of you.

Passion is not a PLAN, its a feeling and feelings change…they do. You can be passionate about a person one day, a job, a career,…and then not passionate the next day.

Most times when you start getting money doing something that you had to do, you start getting passionate about it especially when people like it and are ready to pay for it.

If you’re so busy looking for this passion, you could miss out on opportunities that’ll change your life…

…So don’t wait. Instead, spend your time and attention solving your favourite problems. Look for problems that need solving…Be useful, generous, people will thank you, and hug you and pay you for it and that’s where passion is.

When your energy and efforts meets someone else’s need. That’s when you realise, passion lives in what you have to contribute.

You don’t create your life first and then live it, you create your life by living it…

This idea about everything you are supposed to do should fit into this passion vertical is unrealistic

.”Passion is fire that ignites when you start rubbing sticks together”.

Success fuels passion more than passion fuels success.

Why do you think people will always say their passion is in “helping other people”?

So don’t wait, just start doing. To live a life full of meaning and value, you don’t follow your passion, your passion follows you.

It’s a new week! Do it!

Salmah Adetutu Lawal

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