Faith is not visible, it is not vanity, it is a virtual virtue enhanced by perception.

Faith is not visible, it is not vanity, it is a virtual virtue enhanced by perception.

It is not our lack of ability that keeps us from succeeding, but our lack of Virtual virtousness which can be mental, verbal or otherwise; a low-effort way of doing good. …

I put up a post this morning about wanting a certain birthday gift and I have had people react differently to it privately and publicly; some with a heart of abundance said positive things, some asked if that was bride price because to them, it can only be given for an exchange, and some just thought it was plain vain to ask for such a “huge” gift. Anyways – PERCEPTION.

I am a giver, so why limit my faith that this can be given to me? We can either live entrapped by our fears of the unknown or step into the newness of unfamiliar relationships, jobs, etc…We all have the ability to pull ourselves out of our current situation; the question is “Do we have the faith required????”

FORTIFIED is a book of faith….when you read the part that I went for the Muslim holy pilgrimage and the major thing i kept asking God for was the resources to buy my dream car! A Toyota Rav4 (Laughs)….I got alert for a television production whose profit could buy me my dream car right there in Mecca; I was overjoyed! Only for me to get back home and decided to do ‘financial intelligence’ by using the money to start another business… thinking I would use the profit from that new business to get my car….I guess I forgot that it was a pact i had with God and should not rescind on my request that made the money come….ofcourse, the business wasn’t profitable afterall! And I regretted not simply buying my car with the money when I returned. You need to read that chapter! You will laugh at me.

“FAITH is to believe in what we cannot see. The reward of faith is to recieve what we believe in.”
– Saint Augustine

FAITH sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. So, please do not call me vain.

Martin Luther King Jr. Says ” Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”.

I care.

Salmah Adetutu Lawal

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