Do you know that success has a culture? Oh yes it does! This is borne out of deep understanding, eloquence and confidence. The issue of unemployment is not the problem of the world today; it is young people not being employable because most of them lack depth. As we know that, a 21st century mind must be not just a GAME PLAYER but also a thorough breed GAME CHANGER! A child who reads will be an adult who thinks. Reading and writing work together to improve your ability to THINK!


SAL ECC is an online platform for children and young people between the ages of 5 – 19. The mission is to RAISE GENERATIONS OF GAME CHANGERS USING THEIR TALENTS AND SKILLS TO PUBLISH BOOKS AND CREATE PASSIVE INCOME FOR THEMSELVES.


It is time to add the term “EXTRA” to your child’s life, in an ordinary way, hence transforming them to become EXTRAORDINARY.



This club will offer children and Teenagers the following benefits:

  • Stimulate active self-confidence, which is common among top 21st century bloggers
  • Acquire the new art of successful learning cycle – Learn>Unlearn>Relearn to success
  • Exposure to acquiring New Media Skills for Digital Programmes for Children, Youths and Millenia.
  • Naturally Imbibing Communication skills
  • Top Notch Presentation skills
  • Top tips to transform reading culture
  • Provoke a mindset of successful published authors
  • Develop orator’s diction and pronunciation
  • Leadership skills development
  • Foundation for grooming a life plan
  • Gait and Poise
  • Exuding confidence, presenting natural talents that commands respect and recognition among peers
  • Developing Valuable network of like minds from childhood.

As you know, extra-ordinary people are always very valuable anywhere they find themselves in the world, hence your investment will be worth it.

A registration fee of $25 is required for each child in order to reserve a space for your ward.
Membership fee:
For children within ages 5 – 12 years
A monthly fee of $70 per child
For children within ages 13 years, it is $100 monthly


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Once payment has been made, please send us a mail – quoting the name.  To make further enquiries, you can also send us an email regarding all., +234 (0)8033340201, +1 773 474 8919

You have just taken the best decision of your life! You will get extra value for money spent! With this decision, the world is in your child’s hands!


  Thank you.