1. The club was officially launched on 27 May 2020 – members they will be added to a WhatsApp group where they will need to read instructions and carry out specific assignments that will be given to them.
  2. The ideal duration of programme is one year…although members renew their membership annually to remain alumni of the club but the course is for a year.
  3. It is a programme that has time flexibility- meaning that members can do their assignments and tasks when they can, although a time frame for submissions is given after which if they do not submit, a fine of $10 per day will be applied for late submissions.
  4. A once a week (Saturday 4:30pm for children, Sunday 4:30pm for Teenagers) virtual class will hold for pronunciations and consultations. Parents should please make this available for members who do not have access to apps that will be used – Zoom
  5. Functional emails of parents or teenage members should be made available for information and updates.
  6. Access to the online course of the club can only be give online, no downloads.
  7. Please note that the teenage members have a different content
  8. Payments are to be made fully before members can access the club activities.
  9. The membership fees is for a year and we guarantee that the child will be able to launch a book in that period if the child so desires.
  10. If there is no active participation for three consecutive months, member may forfeit their membership and affect chances of completion.
  11. This extracurricular activity requires active participation of parents in order to bring out the extraordinary qualities of the child.
  12. At the end of the programme, that is after a year, the child as a requirement for certification much write a book on any topic of his/her choice. We will guide the child through this as that will be his/her first sales funnel towards becoming financially independent.