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I am an advocate of FINDING PURPOSE and EXUDING CONFIDENCE in it. These too when found and possessed, need a special kind of creativity that is unique to the discovery of why you are here.

In this current situation of the world, one will be his own biggest enemy if one thinks that the world can ever go back to be the same as it was in the pre-Covid 19 era, it would not! The entire world has taken a paradigm shift. Things are done differently now, and going back to status quo will be tantamount to lack of growth.

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Creativity that inspires others is the newest big thing! No, not the way you know it, but the way specially design to bridge a gap. This is the season to make beautiful things out of the honest endeavour that you have; things that speak to who you are and who you are called to be – Your PURPOSE, whatever it is.

Creativity is more than just being different….making the simple, awesomely simple…that’s CREATIVITY.

I have a friend, Rafiu Afolabi Laguda, who is a professional in his chosen field of endeavour. However, he has this very unique passion for Photography that made me really understand the saying “LIFE IS ABOUT USING THE WHOLE BOX OF CRAYONS”. His photos are not only beautiful, and nature-embedded (even the human ones), they are inspiring! I particularly love the nature oriented photos. Even when it is just the photo of a model, he puts this natural feel in it that’s not common with others. FOTOCLAY is the name of his idea of photography (He has an explanation for it if you care to ask him).

Check some of his images that has just brought out a new perspective to life for me. Let’s see if it does same to you…

Please check his website, like his page on fb and follow him on Instagram to get a feel of his awesomeness!


What do you think about these photos?


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  1. Okegbenro Olasunkanmi

    Jun 28, 2020

    A purpose driven life should be what all aspire for and work towards.

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