…And i took a photo with the Vice president as mandated.

The winning attitude….The choice within…. Choose an accountable Partner(s)…Set a goal.

We are either the masters or the victims of our attitudes. It is a matter of personal choice. Who we are today is a result of choices we made yesterday. Tomorrow we will become what we choose today. To change means to choose to change.
– John Maxwell

I had to make this relative so we would understand that our attitude to the three relationships we must keep (Relationships with God, Self and Man) determines our altitude (Meaning how far we would go).

At the weekend, i attended an event that was organised for Muslim professionals to meet the vice president PYO. On my way out, my “accountable partners” asked me if PYO was actually going to be at the event and i said yes; they said to me “make sure to take a photo of him and with him and i said ok. A goal. Fastforward to the end of the programme (Ofcourse he came), i made sure that i kept my promise to my partners because it was a duty at that point. A friend said, Salmah….you had guts o….i said no, the thing is that i have CHOSEN to always keep my duty and achieve my goals to God, myself and man as best as i can everytime. It is a matter of CHOICE.

Now, it’s no fun succeeding at something without a goal. The joy is having something to aim for. That is the difference between work and other enjoyable activities. Many times we find work is boring because there is no stated goal or purpose; we drag home tired, ready to sit down and relax. Then we remember “Tonight is Lucy’s promotion party”; we go to the closet and pick up our glittering dinner dress, get in the car and drive through traffic to throw that party for two hours! That doesn’t make sense. We were tired and ready for rest, and now we are exercising (not working) harder than ever before. Why? All because there are friends there to flex, gist and network with….a tangible goal.

Its Monday morning! In order to have fun and direction in changing your attitude, you MUST establish a clearly stated goal. This goal should be as specific as possible, written out and signed, with a time frame attached to it. This should be placed in a visible spot where you see it several times a day to give you reinforcement. An accompanying NOT TO DO LIST will also help.

Stay determined.

Enjoy looking at my pictures with PYO…

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